Formatos de archivos que empiezan con la letra I
Extensión de archivo Nombre completo del archivo
I Borland C++ Intermediate Preprocessor Output Format
I00 Split MDS Disk Image Format
I01 Split Disk Image Format
I02 Split Disk Image Format
I03 Split Disk Image
I04 Split Disk Image
I05 Split Disk Image
I17 Pixel PowerCollage Image
I18 Pixel Power Collage Image Format
I1C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
I1I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
I2C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
I2D Wyse Device Management Thin Client Disk Image
I2G Intergeo I2G Geometric
I2I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
I32 NI LabView
I3A Point Blank Game
I3ANIMPACK Point Blank Game
I3C IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
I3CHR Point Blank Game
I3D Houdini Image 3D Format
I3EXEC Point Blank
I3I IBM Voice Type Languages Newuser
I3PACK Point Blank Game Data Format
I3S Point Blank Game
I5S IUCLID Compressed Backup
I5Z IUCLID Import Or Export Format
I64 Interactive Disassembler
IA1 Infinite Algebra 1
IA2 Infinite Algebra Assignment
IAA INTUS Audio Format
IAD Symantec Patch Management
IAF Microsoft Outlook Exported Account And Email Setting Format
IAI Nova Logic Item Attributes Info
IAK MAIL.DAT Information Access Key
IAL Microsoft SharePoint List Activity
IAM Autodesk Inventor Assembly Format
IAO ImperiumAO Data
IAR CD Katalog
IAS BitDefender Format
IB InterBase Database Format
IB2 IncrediBots World Map Format
IB3 IncrediBots World Map Format
IB7 Pixel Power Collage Image Format
IBA IBooks Author E-book Format
IBAK Password Safe Backup
IBANK IBank Accounting Data
IBATEMPLATE IBooks Author Template Format
IBB LIGHTNING UK! ImgBurn Project Format
IBCD InstantBingoCard Document Format
IBD MySQL InnoDB Database Table
IBE IBECrypto Encrypted
IBF Final Fantasy XI Game
IBG IBridge Project Workspace
IBI Raven Software ICARUS Compiled Script
IBK Sound Blaster FM Instrument Bank
IBL IBasic Component Language
IBM Commodore Amiga Graphics
IBOOKS IBooks E-book Format
IBP IsoBuster Managed Image Information Format
IBPLUGIN Interface Builder Extension
IBQ IsoBuster Managed Image Format
IBRO IncrediBots Robot Format
IBS I2 IBase
IBT Thief Deadly Shadows Texture And Model Format
IBV IGOR Pro Binary Variable
IBW IGOR Pro Binary Wave
IBX Interscope BlackBox
IBY Symbian ROM Image Component Include
IBZ MySQL InnoDB Database Table Compressed Backup
IC ASwin Project
IC1 Atari Bitmap Image Format
IC2 Atari Bitmap Image Format
IC3 Atari Bitmap Image Format
IC3D IC3D Scene Format
IC4 SADiE Interchange Data
IC5 Interactive Image Creator Image Project
IC8 Neo Geo BIOS
ICA Citrix Independent Computer Architecture Format
ICAL ICalendar Calendar File Format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple ICal)
ICALENDAR ICalendar Calendar File Format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple ICal)
ICALEVENT Apple ICal Document Format
ICALTODO Apple ICal Document Format
ICAP Adobe InDesign Format
ICB Truevision Targa Format
ICBU Apple ICal Calendars Backup Format
ICC International Color Consortium Profile File Format
ICD Microsoft Windows OpenGL Installable Client Driver Format
ICE IceChat IRC Client Script Format
ICF Zoom Router Configuration Format
ICG Image Comparer Result
ICHAT Apple IChat Saved History Format
ICHATTRANSFER Apple IChat Transfer
ICI Ampac
ICL Icon Library Format
ICM Windows Image Color Matching Format
ICMA Adobe InDesign Format
ICML Adobe InDesign Format
ICMS RagTime Extensions
ICN Icon Format
ICNS Apple Icon Graphic Format
ICO Icon Format
ICOA IBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Bitmap Graphics
ICON Icon Image Format
ICONPACKAGE IconPackager Theme Format
ICONTAINER Icon Container Library Format
ICP Unix IContact Parameter
ICPR IconUtils Project Format
ICQ ICQ Archive
ICR Image Comparer Result
ICS ICalendar Calendar File Format (Microsoft Outlook, Apple ICal)
ICST Adobe InCopy Document Preset
ICTE Apple Mac Internet Configuration
ICURSORFX ICursor Effect Format
ICW Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Connection Wizard
ICX Remote Call Profiler Summary View
ICZ Lib2Def Output
ID IBM Lotus Notes ID Format
ID2 Microsoft Live Messenger Avatar Format
ID3 IData 3 Data
ID31 Helium Music Manager Id3 Tags Export
ID32 Helium Music Manager Id3 Tags Export
IDA Microsoft IIS Server
IDAP Adobe InDesign Format
IDATA IData 2 Data
IDB Microsoft Visual Studio Developer Intermediate Debug Format
IDB2 InfoStat Database
IDC Internet Database Connector Document Format
IDD Adobe InDesign For Mac Document
IDE Borland C++ Project Format
IDEA Adobe Ideas Vector Drawing Format
IDEMO InstantDemo Project
IDENTCACHE Delphi Temporary Cache
IDENTIFIER Microsoft Windows Zone Identifier
IDF Microsoft Windows 95 MIDI Instrument Definition Format
IDG Majax Settings
IDI I-DEAS Web Access
IDIF Netscape Saved Address Book Identification
IDL Visual Studio Visual C++ Interface Definition Library Format
IDLK Adobe InDesign Lock Format
IDLL CodeWarrior DLL
IDM IData Mobile Data
IDML Adobe InDesign Markup Format
IDMS Adobe InDesign Format
IDP IBM Personal Communications Interchange Document Profile
IDPK Adobe InDesign Format
IDPP Adobe InDesign Format
IDQ Microsoft Internet Explorer Data Query
IDRC Adobe InDesign Resource
IDS Infinity Game Engine
IDT Windows Installer Exported Database Table Format
IDV Autodesk Inventor Design View Tree
IDW AutoDesk Inventor Drawing Format
IDX Index Format
IDX0 RuneScape Cache Index Format
IDX255 RuneScape Cache Index Format
IDX_DLL Microsoft Office IDX_DLL
IDZ I-DEAS Web Access
IE3 Internet Explorer 3
IEBARZIP Explorer Bar Icon Pack
IEC Microsoft HTML Converter
IEI Image Eye Thumbnail Cache
IEL ParticleIllusion SE Emitter Library
IEM Informix Error Message
IENV IData 3 Envelope Template
IES IESNA Photometric Data Format
IEX The Tuttles Madcap Misadventures
IF IFwin Project Format
IF9 Pixel Power Collage Image
IFAITH IFaith Format
IFB Oracle Siebel Interface Configuration
IFC Industry Foundation Classes Format
IFCXML Industry Foundation Classes XML Format
IFCZIP Compessed IFC Format
IFD Adobe Output Designer Form (Jet Form Design Form)
IFF Autodesk Maya Image Interchange Format
IFL 3D Studio Max Animation Format List Control Format
IFLV InfoLevin Database
IFM Brighterion IPrevent Fraud Model
IFN IGOR Pro Formatted Notebook
IFO DVD Movie Information File Format
IFP Grand Theft Auto Animation Format
IFR Formula One 2001 Game
IFS InfoSlips Secure Information Package Format
IFT Canon Settings
IFU All Image Image
IFV Indeo Video Format
IFW INTUS Firmware Format
IFX Rational XDE
IFZ All Image Compressed Image
IG Instagram JPEG Picture Image
IGA CARIS GIS Corner Georeferencing Coordinate
IGB Google Earth Model
IGC Anime List Builder Input Format
IGE Erdas Imagine Large Raster Spill
IGES Initial Graphics Exchange Specification Format
IGG SuiteProfiler Color Map Format
IGI Indigo Renderer Picture Image
IGM Indigo Renderer Material Texture Format
IGMA INTUS Graphics User Interface Format
IGN Adobe RoboHelp Ignore List Format
IGO Instagram JPEG Picture Image
IGP Igor Player Format
IGR SmartSketch Drawing Design Format
IGT IGrafx Document Template
IGV Integrative Genomics Viewer
IGX IGrafX FlowCharter Flow Chart Or Process Model Format
IGY Microsoft Excel Web Query
IGZ Gzipped Image
IHA GE Historian Archive
IHC Proficy Historian
IHS Bink Inbound History
IHTML Inline HyperText Markup Language
IHW IN-HEH Timeline Workspace Format
IHX IN-HEH Timeline Database Format
II IconWorkshop Extended Information Format
IID IInstaller Idirectory
IIE SimIIe Emulator
IIF QuickBooks Interchange Format
III Know Your Stuff
IIL CleanSweep Installation Log
IIM IOpus Internet Macro Format
IIMG Interleaf Image Format
IIP ThinAnywhere Configuration Format
IIQ Phase One RAW Image Format
IIT Install Creator Settings Format
IIX Trados Translation Memory Index Format
IJS J Interpretor Script Format
IK CryENGINE IK Animation Format
IKF INTUS Keyboard Settings Format
IKMP SampleTank Preset
IKS Microsoft InkSeine Document
IL Euphoria Shrouded Source Code
IL3 ParticleIllusion 3 Emitter Library
ILA LohnViewer Document
ILABEL IData 3 Template Label
ILB Scream Tracker Data
ILBM Interleaved Bitmap Format
ILDOC BroadVision QuickSilver Document Format
ILF Alim
ILG MakeIndex Error Log
ILHT Safari Internet Location
ILK Incremental Linking Format
ILL Illust Logic Puzzle
ILM Opus Creator Multimedia
ILP Gurobi Optimizer Temporary
ILS Internet Security And Acceleration Server Summary
ILX Interlex Vocabulary
IM SunOS Grey Scale Bitmap
IM24 Bitmap Graphic
IM32 Sun 32bit Raster
IM5 Visilog Image
IM7 DaVis Graphics
IM8 Sun Raster Graphic
IMA Generic Disk Image
IMA4 Apple QuickTime IMA4 Encoded Audio
IMAGE ShrinkWrap Disk Image Format
IMAP Merak Mail Server Internet Message Access Protocol
IMAPMBOX Apple Mail Format
IMB IncredMail Adress Book And Temporary Contacts
IMC LucasArts Game Sound
IMD GIS Image Metadata Format
IME Global Input Method Editor
IMELODY IMelody Mobile Phone Ring-tone Format
IMESX Microsoft Office IME Search Provider Definition
IMF Apogee IMF Audio File Format
IMG Floppy Image Image Format
IMG3 Apple IOS Img3 Encrypted Or Signed Container Format
IMGA Marathon 2 Aleph One Image Format
IMGB Final Fantasy XII Model
IMGPART Apple Mac NDIF Split Image
IMH IncrediMail Contacts Export
IMI Magellan Map Format
IMJ Pegasus Image Corp Format Bitmap Graphics Format
IMK IncrediMail Licence
IML ACT! Internet Mail Message Format
IMM IncrediMail Deleted Email Messages List
IMMODULES GTK+ Module Format
IMN IncrediMail Notify
IMO IMON Manager Settings
IMOTION IClone Motion Capture
IMOVIELIBRARY IMovie Event Library
IMOVIEMOBILE IMovie Project Package
IMOVIEPROJ Apple IMovie Project Format
IMOVIEPROJECT Apple IMovie Project Format
IMP FileMaker Pro Import Data Filter
IMPORTED UTorrent Torrent
IMR IBM Cognos Impromptu Report Format
IMS IconForge Create Executable Library Data
IMSCC Canvas Exported Course
IMSP Survey Designer Survey
IMT IMNET Graphics Image Format
IMTX IMindMap Template
IMV ImageMixerVCD Project
IMW IncrediMail Sound
IMX DaVis Image
IMY IMelody Mobile Phone Ring-tone Format
IMZ WinImage Compressed Disk Image
IN McAfee Antivirus Format
IN3 Harvard Graphics Input Device Driver
IN4 InfoBlaster IN4 Registry
IN7 Ox Data
INB Rebel Assault Backup
INC HTML Server Side Include Format
INCA Adobe InDesign Format
INCD Adobe InDesign Format
INCP Adobe InCopy CS3 Package Format
INCT Adobe InCopy Template Format
INCX Adobe InDesign Format
IND Adobe InDesign Graphics Document Format
INDB Adobe InDesign Book Format
INDD Adobe InDesign Document Format
INDESIGNPLUGIN Adobe InDesign Plugin Format
INDEX Eclipse Help Index
INDK Adobe InDesign Format
INDL Adobe InDesign Object Library Format
INDN Adobe InDesign For Mac
INDP Adobe InDesign Package Format
INDS Adobe InDesign Format
INDT Adobe InDesign Template Format
INDX Microsoft Mail Index
INETLOC Apple Mac OS X Finder Internet Location Format
INF Windows Installation Script Format
INFO ZoomBrowser Image Index Format
INFO-1 Cygwin Info
INFO-10 Cygwin Info
INFO-11 Cygwin Info
INFO-12 Cygwin Info
INFO-13 Cygwin Info
INFO-14 Cygwin Info
INFO-15 Cygwin Info
INFO-16 Cygwin Info
INFO-17 Cygwin Info
INFO-18 Cygwin Info
INFO-19 Cygwin Info
INFO-2 Cygwin Info
INFO-20 Cygwin Info
INFO-21 Cygwin Info
INFO-22 Cygwin Info
INFO-23 Cygwin Info
INFO-24 Cygwin Info
INFO-25 Cygwin Info
INFO-26 Cygwin Info
INFO-27 Cygwin Info
INFO-28 Cygwin Info
INFO-29 Cygwin Info
INFO-3 Cygwin Info
INFO-30 Cygwin Info
INFO-4 Cygwin Info
INFO-5 Cygwin Info
INFO-6 Cygwin Info
INFO-7 Cygwin Info
INFO-8 Cygwin Info
INFO-9 Cygwin Info
INFOPATHXML Microsoft InfoPath Form Format
INF_LOC Microsoft Windows Installation Format
ING MasterCook Ingredients Format
INGR Intergraph Raster File Format
INH Microsoft Visual Basic Basfwin
INI Text Configuration Format
INI2 Text Configuration
INIT WM Keeper CLASSIC Temporary Keys
INIX Adobe InDesign
INJB Adobe InDesign
INK Mimio Ink Data Format
INL Microsoft Visual C++ Inline Function Format
INLK Adobe InDesign Lock Format
INM FaxMaster Document
INMS Adobe InDesign Menu Set Format
INN Phantasmagoria Ini
INO Inno Setup Script Format
INP Abaqus Input Format
INPROGRESS Apple Mac OS X Time Machine Temporary Format
INPUTPLUGIN Apple Mac OS X PluginIM Input Method
INPX PTV Vissim Network
INRS Adobe InDesign For Mac
INS InstallShield Script Format
INSP Microsoft Visual Studio Inspector
INSS Apple Mac OS X Setup Assistant ISP Info Document
INST RMCProfile Peak Profile
INSTALLHELPER Apple Mac OS X Install Helper Document
INSTALLLOG Microsoft .NET Installation Log
INSTALL_BACKUP AVG Shell Extension Module
INSX InScribe XML Document
INT SGI Integer Image
INT? Quicken For Mac
INTAGLIO Intaglio Drawing
INTERNETCONNECT Apple Mac OS X System Preferences Internet Connect Document Format
INTU Quicken For Mac
INUSE Text Configuration File (in Use)
INV Minecraft INVedit Format
INVENTOR SGI Open Inventor
INX Adobe InDesign Interchange File Format
IN_ Microcoft Setup Information
IO CPIO Compressed File Archive
IOBIT Advanced SystemCare PRO Backup Format
IOC Winamp Io Extension
IOCA IBM Image Object Content Architecture (IOCA) Bitmap Graphics
IOK Omniscope Configuration
ION Description Format
IOPLIST Apple Mac OS X Ioplist Format
IOR Maxwell Render Index Of Refraction
IP IconPackager Theme Format
IP3 ParticleIllusion Project
IPA IPhone Application
IPALIAS Apple IPhoto Alias Format
IPB IPhone Perl Script
IPC IncrediFlash Tools Image
IPCC Apple IOS Carrier Update Format
IPCH Microsoft Visual C++ Intellisense Precompiled Header Format
IPD BlackBerry Backup (pre 2012) Format
IPDB IP Address Tracker IP Database
IPF Microsoft SMS Installer Script
IPG IPod Game Package Format
IPH InterPaint (Hires) Image Format
IPHOTO Apple IPhoto Library Format
IPHOTOPROJECT Apple IPhoto Printing Project
IPI Microsoft Windows Installer
IPICK IPick Football Picture Image Format
IPJ AutoDesk Inventor Project Format
IPK Shana Informed Filler Format
IPKG Indicore SDK Package
IPL CorelDRAW Pantone Spot Reference Palette Format
IPL22 PLATO Learning Network Temporary
IPLB Apple IPhoto Library Archive
IPMETA Apple IPhoto Library Metadata Format
IPN AutoDesk Inventor Presentation File Format
IPO InstallShield Object Project
IPOD Rockbox Executable Application
IPP Inline Guard Macro Format
IPPROJ Microsoft Visual Studio InfoPath Project
IPR IntelliJ Project XML Data Format
IPROJECT IClone Project Format
IPS International Patching System Binary Patch Format
IPSPOT Apple IPhoto Index Format
IPSW IPhone, IPad Or IPod Touch Software Firmware Update Format
IPT AutoDesk Inventor Part Format
IPTHEME IconPackager Theme Format
IPUTILS Gnome Desktop
IPX Ipix Spherical Panorama Format
IPZ ICQ Plus Skin
IQC CADIQ Comparison Analysis Result
IQD Impromptu Defintion
IQF Integra Query
IQP 20-20 Office Sales Exported Quote
IQR Cadiq View Analysis Results Data
IQS CADIQ Summary Log
IQT Tektronix
IQU AmeriCalc Update
IQY Microsoft Excel Internet Query Format
IRC JIRCii Script
IRCP Adobe SpeedGrade Project Format
IRD Microsoft Money Temporary
IREV Runtime Revolution Script
IRF Autodesk Impression Drawing Format
IRG Sofya Database Interclass Relation Graph
IRIS Silicon Irix Graphics Raw Format
IRIX6 Irix 6
IRIX64BIT Irix 64 Bit Make
IRL IBM WebSphere ILOG JRules Rule Language
IROBO RoboMind Source Code
IROCK IntelliRock Sensor Data Format
IROS Adobe Save For Web Settings Format
IRP Microsoft ISA Server Report Generator Output Format
IRR UVBrewer Brewer Lamp Format
IRRMESH Irrlicht Static Mesh
IRS Adobe Photoshop Optimized Setting Format
IRV XMap Workfile
IRX UVBrewer Brewer Lamp Irradiation Format
IS InStereo Audio
IS1 SmartWare Input Screen Format
IS2 SmartWare Input Screen
IS3 SmartWare Input Screen
IS4 SmartWare Input Screen
ISA Adobe Photoshop ImageReady Action
ISALE ISale Auction
ISALLIC ISale License
ISB Vanguard Music
ISC Xilinx Device Configuration Information Format
ISD InstallShield Dialog Format
ISE InstallShield Express Project Format
ISF Inspiration Diagram Format
ISFF Intergraph Standard File Format
ISH ISH Compressed Archive
ISH1 Animation-ish Wiggledoodle-ish Document Format
ISH2 Animation-ishFlipBook-ish Document Format
ISH3 Animation-ish Advanced-ish Document Format
ISL InstallShield Temporary Installer
ISM InstallShield Project Format
ISMA IIS Smooth Streaming Audio Format
ISMC Smooth Streaming Client Manifest Format
ISMCLIP IStopMotion Animation Clip
ISMV Smooth Streaming Fragmented MPEG-4 Video Format
ISN InstallShield Installer Source Format
ISO CD/DVD/HD DVD/Blu-ray Disc ISO Binary Image Format
ISOZ Arbortext IsoDraw Compressed Drawing Format
ISP Internet Service Provider Settings Format
ISPC Image Surfer Pro Album Format
ISQ MicroCT Image
ISR InstallShield Uninstall Information Format
ISS ISS Picture Image Format
IST Adobe ImageStyler Format
ISTG ISOE Imagine Stage
ISU InstallShield Uninstall Script Format
ISV IDL ITools State
ISWP Apple ITunes IOS Firmware Update
ISX Intrasis Object
ISYM ArchiCAD For MAC Geometric Description Language
ISZ UltraISO Compressed Disk Image Format
IT Impulse Tracker Music Module Format
ITA IconTweaker Theme Archive
ITB ITunes Library Extras
ITC ITunes Cover Flow Data Format
ITC2 Apple ITunes Cover Flow Data Format
ITCL Cygwin Iwidgets Scripts
ITD SDL Trados Translation
ITDB Apple ITunes Database Format
ITE Apple ITunes Extras Format
ITEMDATA-MS Windows 8 Start Screen Item Data Format
ITG Intergraph Format Bitmap Graphics
ITHMB Apple IPhone, IPad, IPod Thumbnail Image Format
ITI Impulse Tracker Instrument
ITK ScummVM Game Data Format
ITL Apple ITunes Music Database Format
ITLP Apple ITunes LP Format
ITLS Apple ITunes Live Stream Format
ITM IThink Model Format
ITMS Apple ITunes Store URL Format
ITMSP Apple ITunes Store Package Format
ITMZ IThoughtsHD Mind-map Document
ITN TomTom Navigator Itinerary Format
ITP BioWare Aurora Game Engine Palette
ITPC Apple ITunes Podcast Subscription Format
ITQ SAIA S-Web Variable Initialization
ITR Icy Tower Format
ITS Impulse Tracker Sample Format
ITT IconTweaker Theme Format
ITW InTouch With Database Format
ITX IBM FileNet EForms ITX Form Template Format
ITXIB Apple ITunes Dump
ITZ Impulse Tracker Music Module
IUP ChessBase Fritz Update Format
IUS InfoTMIC Android Update Format
IV SGI Inventor VRML Format
IV2I Norton Ghost Disk Drive Image
IVA Surveillance Video Format
IVB Truevision Targa Format Bitmap Graphics
IVC IView MediaPro Catalogue Format
IVD Bitdefender Incremental Virus Definitions Format
IVE OpenSceneGraph Format
IVEX Worldviz Vizard Encrypted
IVF Indeo Video Format
IVI MSDN InfoViewer Topic
IVL IBM ILOG JViews Maps Map
IVM Interactive Visual Media Video Format
IVP Panorama
IVR Virtual Reality World (iSeeMedia Image World)
IVS Internet Streaming Video
IVT Beyond 20/20 Table Aggregate Data Format
IVU ImmerVision XML User Interface
IVUE Live Picture Image Format
IVWR IntelliView Offline Report
IVX Beyond 20/20 Microdata Directory
IW Chain Engineering Database Format
IW4 DjVu Image Format
IW44 DjVu Image Format
IWB Common File Format
IWC Installwatch Database
IWD Call Of Duty Game Archive Format
IWDGT Apple IWeb Widget Format
IWI Infinity Ward Texture Format
IWL WebSite X5 License
IWM IWriteMusic
IWPRJ Website X5 Project
IWS Trojan-Downloader.JS.Agent Format
IWT Sunnysoft InterWrite Full Keyboard Skin
IWXDATA IWorx Data Format
IWZ InstallShield Express Project Format
IWZIP Website X5 Project
IX DtSearch Index Format
IX2 Rebel Chess Program Database Format
IX3 Instant.Exe 3.0 Script
IX4 Rebel Chess
IXA Ulead Disc Image Format
IXB Ulead Disk Image Format
IXC ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-write Coverages
IXF Integration Exchange Format
IXI IxiQuarks Preferences
IXL DB/TextWorks Database Indexed List
IXS ArcView Geocoding Index For Read-write Shape
IZD Intrexx Application Export Format
IZE IZArc Encrypted Archive Format
IZS 1st Page 2000 JavaScript Example
IZZ Isadora Media Control Project Format
IZZY Isadora Project Format
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